Get to know Protea.

The Protea Software Suite includes Protea™ Network-Enabled Software (PneS) for Ashly networked devices, and Protea™ System Software (PSS) for our legacy non-networked products.

Audio professionals find our software very intuitive and easy to navigate—and you will too. No need to attend a one-week training class away from home to learn our software. Common sense layout of controls and features, on-line help, or a visit to the Technical Support page on our website provides answers to all of your questions.

Product Version Date Download History Instructions
Control Software
Protea Software Suite
PneS and PSS
5.23 Feb 05, 2015 ProteaSoftwareSuite_523.exe >
(23,018,050 bytes)

For networking tips, please refer to Ashly_Ethernet_FAQs.pdf >

For instructions on using standard USB Device Drivers with Protea™ System Processors, refer to Ashly_Using_Standard_USB_Device_Drivers_wSPs.pdf >