Ashly in Worship

Worship facilities present unique challenges to audio-visual professionals. From an acoustic standpoint, they are typically reverberant spaces with a lot of hard surfaces. From a performance standpoint, the audio system must reproduce dynamic music program and intelligible speech. Ashly provides a selection of pro audio electronic products with features to meet these specific needs.

For small-to-medium worship spaces and fellowship halls, choose Pema—our Protea-Equipped Matrix Amplifier. Many Worship spaces do not have a trained sound system operator. The Church staff wants to flip a switch and turn on the lights and flip another switch to turn on the sound.

Pema combines a multi-channel power amplifier to our most advanced Protea™ Digital Signal Processor into a single unit. For hands-free operation, this Protea software package offers a gain sharing automatic microphone mixer that sounds just like you have an experienced audio professional running a mixing console. To prevent unwanted feedback, Pema has 12 channels of automatic feedback suppression with settings specifically designed for the worship environment. The built-in four or eight channel digital power amplifier delivers enough output for any small-to-medium worship space.

To meet the needs of larger worship facilities, Network-Enabled ne Series of two-channel power amps deliver up to 1,200 watts of output per channel. These processors (4 or 8 inputs, 4 or 8 outputs) also offer automatic microphone mixing and automatic feedback suppression. The ne24.24M Matrix Processor is a popular choice for digital processing and routing a larger pro audio system.

Our complete line of ne Series amplifiers and processors are offered with a buffet choice of options that can be customized to meet your specific worship needs. The Pro AV integrator can add a Protea Digital processor to the ne amplifier platforms. Both the ne amps and processors offer custom configurations—digital inputs and outputs, microphone preamp inputs and either CobraNet or EtherSound network access. 

Hook them up to your network and your Pro AV contractor can make any changes to the system or diagnose a problem from anywhere in the world. Avoid expensive service calls and minimize the long-term ownership cost of your pro audio system. 

The KLR Series is our standard power amplifier. The KLR-4000 (2,000 Watts per channel) and the KLR-5000 (2,500 watts per channel) are a great choice for extended low-frequency subwoofer systems.

Take a minute to check out the Installation Profiles to learn how Ashly products fit in these spaces.