Ashly in Business/Municipal

Successful businesses communicate with their customers, their employees and their suppliers. An enhanced Corporate Audio/Visual environment reduces travel expenses through the use of video and teleconferencing.

Ashly is a great choice for courtrooms with built-in automatic microphone mixing, automatic feedback suppression and the ability to play sound masking through the audience sound system while meeting members hold private sidebar conversations. Our ne Series amplifiers and Pêma Protea Equipped Matrix Amplifier are designed to meet the challenges of this environment.

Sound Masking Systems using our ne Series with built-in noise generators provide privacy in hospital, municipal and call centers. Remote access to the professional audio system via the Internet lowers the long-term ownership costs by minimizing costly service calls.

The convection-cooled, TRA and SRA amplifiers are a popular choice in 2- or 4-meeting room systems with modest power requirements.

The TM Series mixer/amplifiers are cost-effective choices for simple meeting room sound systems and warehouse paging systems.

Take a minute to check out the Installation Profiles to learn how these Ashly products fit in these spaces.